Sustainability lies at the heart of Strong Roots Development. We combine holistic land planning strategies with low impact methods, and conservation development techniques to create communities that nurture their surrounding environment and neighboring landscapes. We extend this philosophy to the homes and structures we build onsite and believe that in order to push the agenda towards sustainability in the built environment we must create homes and structures that are cost effective, durable, and environmentally friendly, but also thoughtfully designed and timelessly beautiful so that they provide a high quality of life that lasts for generations.



A strong belief in creating lasting and equitable partnerships is the cornerstone of Strong Roots Development. It takes a village to create a thriving community and we strive for a collaborative development  experience that is fun, educational, rewarding and culminates in success for all members of the team. Our focus on building and maintaining positive partnerships guides our decision making process and leads to transparency and mutual trust uncommon in our industry.




We passionately believe in the power of strong and vibrant communities. It is the root of who we are as humans and the core mission of Strong Roots Development. Our aim is to create new models of community that push the boundaries of environmental sustainability while creating a true sense of belonging and high quality of life.  Through thoughtful land planning and a refreshing approach to community amenities such as community gardening programs, abundant access to nature, and shared multi-use structures, we aim to redefine community by returning to our roots together. 



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Eddie Thomas

Project Management | Planning | Real Estate Sales

Drawn to nature through his family's farming heritage, Eddie was imparted with a deep sense of connection and stewardship of the natural world.

Experience in outdoor education cultivated this sense of stewardship while developing his natural skills in leadership and planning.

Since beginning his career he was drawn to buildings, communities and methods that improved the relationship of people, nature, and the built environment.

Eddie's experience spans over 15 years and encompasses specialties in business management, construction operations, green building, development planning, conservation and is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the State of Texas.

When not hard at work Eddie enjoys being active outdoors, cooking, gardening, and adventuring with family, friends and pets.


Jonathan Clow

Construction Operations | Estimating

Influenced at an early age by his architect father’s keen eye, Jonathan has been building things ever since discovering Lego’s. His 17 years experience in general contracting ranges from historically significant renovations to commercial shell buildings to high performance luxury homes.

Drawn to refining the processes and methods required to achieve consistently better results, Jonathan loves sharing the intricacies of the build process with his clients and creating an experience that is both collaborative and rewarding.

Jonathan and his wife and children are exploring the art of suburban homesteading and creating a lifestyle that blurs the boundaries between work and home life.


Scott Wilson

Financial Management | Construction Operations

Guided by a natural affinity for order and curiosity for industry, Scott has served clients from a wide variety of business lines in the CPA, financial audit and business process consulting space. An outgrowth of this background led to the IT security and software arenas where he further developed his analytical, sales and client service skills.

Attracted to real estate many years ago, Scott has gradually developed real estate investment and property renovation businesses, thoroughly enjoying the creation of tangible value to partners. Professionally, Scott finds fulfillment in developing and maintaining efficient processes that support business growth, leveraging key experiences and relationships that span 25 years. Beyond work, Scott’s hobbies include guitar, woodworking and volleyball. But most of all, Scott adores spending simple time exploring the outdoors with his wife and four children, relaxing and dining with good friends.

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Tim Brown, AIA

Architectural Design | Interior Design | Planning

After many years of working in the architecture profession, including working with the world renowned architect Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA, Tim formed Tim Brown Architecture in 2009. He studied civil engineering at the University of New Hampshire and architecture at Texas A&M University. Tim is a member of the American Institute of Architects and is LEED and BPI certified.

Tim designs communities and individual structures with many goals in mind. Making a structure that is beautiful, site specific, is a high energy efficient performer and works for the people that occupy it. He looks at energy efficient design as an integral part of the process and not a product driven feature. He grabs the “low hanging fruit” first such as, solar orientation, layout for HVAC zoning, good daylighting, etc. This allows a more seamless design without sacrificing the aesthetics and look of the structure.

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SRD Builder is the sister company of Strong Roots Development and the operational entity entrusted with managing the construction of site and structure.

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